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Washroom Vending Machines

Make your washroom a place where people can obtain useful items, from painkillers to fresh breath spray. Our range of machines give you the options you need for your workplace.

Vend consumables

We offer wide range of popular and practical products that are instantly accessible to your staff and guests. You can …

Standard dual column vending

Dispensing proprietary products and brands, and innovative, useful personal hygiene products. Both the mini and standard vending machines are available …

Nappy Vending

We provide a two column vending machine that vends the popular ‘Huggies’ nappy. It’s essential equipment for busy nurseries etc. …

Multivend 9 Column Machine

Dispenses up to nine different products, such as Tampax, Always, Anadin, Mates, Colgate, shoe polish or any other product which …

Mini Vend

Simple and compact this machine takes up little space but still offers the same quality as larger units.

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